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At Patty's Home Preschool we believe all children need and deserve is a safe, loving place in which to learn and grow. This leaves room for both the fundamentals and endless creativity. With activities developed specifically for this age group, your child will be learning and having fun.
At two our toddlers have left behind forever the total dependency of babyhood and have developed growing independence. Play includes exploring the world with all senses, practicing physical manipulating objects and mastering the challenges they present, experimenting with new materials, listening to stories, making music, dancing, roughhousing, and helping with daily chores. In short playing is learning and a whole lot more.
“It’s not what is poured into a child that counts, but what is planted.” Patty's Home Preschool recognizes children’s needs and individuality in order to benefit the children’s intellectual growth and physical development. Our preschool program further enriches children’s lives by providing a multitude of experience specially designed, developmental and academic age appropriated.