At Patty's Home Preschool, your child’s safety is our primary concern. Only authorized personnel are allowed come in the facility. Visits are available for new parents to monitor their child. With a warm and accepting environment, Patty's Home Preschool provides the security each child requires to explore, learn and grow.
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Our staff begins training when the child shows readiness to learn. Although there is no definite age when readiness occurs, usually around the age of two the child has the muscle control to delay bodily processes until she/he can reach the toilet, as well as the language and intellectual maturity to understand what is expected and why.
At Patty's Home Preschool we make use of many play and learning materials. They learn small and large motor development skills. Our playground is an extension of the classroom. Outdoor spaces and equipment are designed for active play and exploration to provide your child with good exercise, fresh air, and different learning activities. Even when we head outside, supervision is still a priority.
There are fun things to watch, touch, and do. Since children learn through playing and exploring, we provide them a wide range of activities throughout the day. Patty's Home Preschool is set up to provide what we call "incidental learning", there is a wide variety of educational tools available for the children to experience and learn. We provided many learning tools to enhance and express your child's curiosity.
• Unit Blocks
• Nesting
• Stacking Toys
• Simple Puzzles
• Magnetic Board
• Dolls and Props
for House Play
• and Much More
• Coloring, Writing, Painting
• Puzzles & Manipulative
• Block Building
• House play
• Computer
• Library
We provide morning and afternoon snack and lunch in between. All the meals are made at the home preschool. They are hot and cold meals. Hot meals refer to beef ravioli, macaroni and cheese, and so on. Cold meals are low-sweet crackers, fruits and juice. We do celebrate birthdays, for which parents provide any special treats.