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Infants need to view the world from many angles, and are allowed that experience. This includes crawling, being carried, stroller rides, outdoor play, climbing, and rocking so that various perspectives are gained. Diaper changing, feeding, and other routines are viewed as vital times for communication, self discovery, and socializing.

In providing a program for toddlers, Patty's Home Preschool understands that these children learn with their whole bodies. They learn more by doing than by being told. Toddlers discover their world on a physical level, so it is expected that they will prefer walking, climbing, carrying objects, dumping, or dropping objects to sitting, picking up toys, or playing only in a designated space. These large muscle activities are the legitimate activity of toddlerhood.
Patty's Home Preschool embraces the impressionable first years in a child’s life by fostering each child’s uniqueness. We believe each child is special, and with our infant and toddlers programs your child will get off to a great start.